How to Stay Mobile After Your Stress Fracture Surgery

Since those who exercise or play sports frequently are the ones most likely to get a stress fracture, it can be hard to hear that you have to stay off your feet after surgery. Thankfully, there are ways to stay mobile even when your doctor's given you a non-weightbearing (NWB) restriction.

Exercise the Rest of Your Body

If you love to stay active, exercise may be the only thing that keeps you sane. While you can't exercise your injured foot during surgery recovery (unless a doctor or physiotherapist has shown you how to do so safely), you can get those endorphins going for the rest of your body. Remember that cardio exercise is about moving your heart, not your legs. Whether you're in bed or sitting in a chair, you can get a cardio workout by moving your upper body. Bounce and circle arm movements, shadow boxing and hand pedalling can all raise your heartrate without putting pressure on your foot, safely giving you the mental and physical benefits of your usual workouts.

Get a Knee Scooter

Exercising at home can be great, but you don't have to stay indoors just because you can't use your foot. If you want to be able to get out to shop, see friends, or even travel to work or school, a knee scooter can get you there. Knee scooters are steerable, bicycle-like mobility aids that keep weight off injured feet. Simply place your knee on the knee pad and use your 'good' leg to propel yourself forward. They have handlebars for balance and many of them come with other useful features like foldability or a detachable basket.

Remember the Dangers of Weightbearing

Above all else, remember that your surgeon has given you an NWB restriction for a reason. No matter how much you want to start putting weight on your recovering foot, hold off until a medical professional gives you the okay. Putting pressure on your foot (sometimes even if it only happens once) can undo all the repair work that's been done or make your foot heal incorrectly, which could keep you out of action for even longer. Weightbearing after surgery can also tear open surgical incisions and encourage swelling, leading to pain and more trips to the doctor's office. Sticking to the above ways to stay mobile will ensure you can be as active as you want after your recovery period.