5 signs that you need a hearing test

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age, and regular tests are always a good idea. However, some signs suggest that your next hearing test should be sooner rather than later.

1. Conversations

If you are finding conversations difficult to follow, this may be a sign that your hearing is not what it might be. For example, you may not understand people unless they are facing you, if you are in noisy surroundings, or if you are in a group. You may also find that you blame others for the problem. 

If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves, find that they seem to be mumbling, or if you often respond to a completely different question than what was asked, this may be a sign that your hearing has deteriorated, and it's time for a test.

2. TV

This is a very common sign that something is wrong. If other people tell you that you have your television on too loudly, this may be because you cannot hear it so well. The same goes for the radio and any other music equipment. Instead of being annoyed at other people's complaints, perhaps you should consider if they have a point.

3. Environment

If you have spent a lot of time in a very loud environment, either at work or during leisure times (at very loud concerts, for example), you may have caused damage to your hearing -- or be at risk of doing so in the future. If you cannot remove yourself from such an environment, regular hearing tests are a must.

4. Medical history

There are also some medical warning signs. A family history of hearing loss is something you should be aware of; there are also various medical conditions that can affect the hearing, such as diabetes or thyroid problems, and certain medicines may list hearing problems as a side effect. Any such warnings should be taken seriously.

5. Age

Finally, some kind of deterioration in the hearing is a natural result of the ageing process. The older you get, the more you will need to look after your auditory faculties.

If any of this seems to apply to you, don't be afraid to get a hearing test. Far from being an admission that your hearing is failing, it can be the first step in halting the decline, helping you deal with the problem, and even reversing the hearing loss.