5 Reasons to Choose a Receiver in the Ear (RITE) Hearing Aid

Hearing aids can help you maintain a normal life even when your natural hearing is going, but people new to hearing aids often find it hard to choose between all the available options. The type of hearing aid you pick is going to impact everything from comfort to sound quality, so it makes sense to check out exactly what's available.

For many people, 'receiver in the ear' (RITE) hearing aids will prove the most attractive option. These split the speaker from the microphone and processor. The former rests in the ear canal, while the latter two parts sit in a case behind the ear. The two parts are connected by a thin wire, and this design comes with several compelling benefits.

Here are just five reasons why you should consider a RITE hearing aid.

1. Discreet

Many people worry about how visible a hearing aid will be, but a RITE model should help assuage such concerns. The case holding the microphone and processor is relatively small, and the speaker is barely noticeable. You can even customize the colour of the case and the connecting wire to match your skin colour or hair, so RITE hearing aids are generally the most discreet option available.

2. Comfort

The fact that RITE hearing aids are relatively small and light compared to other types also means that people tend to find them comfortable to wear. This advantage is compounded by the fact that your ear canal is not completely blocked by the hearing aid. As such, it's easy to forget you're even wearing a RITE hearing aid.

3. Advanced Features

The latest hearing aids are available with new features that can help improve their functionality, and RITE hearing aids are very likely to include such features. These include things like wireless connectivity that lets you connect the device to your phone and even types of artificial intelligence that can sense ambient sound and make adjustments automatically.  

4. Convenient Repairs

Modern hearing aids offer impressive durability, but they can still be damaged. That said, this tends to be less of a problem with RITE hearing aids since the speaker portion that goes into your ear can be replaced at a hearing aid clinic instead of having to be sent to the manufacturer.

5. Natural Sound

Perhaps most importantly of all, RITE hearing aids tend to offer the most natural sound quality. This is partly because they benefit from advanced sound processing technology, but it's also down to the basic design. Since the ear canal is left open, sound comes through more naturally. Additionally, the distance between key parts helps reduce feedback.

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